A Unique and Accelerated Online Student Academy

to build the “whole person” and teach children how to thrive in a modern and ultra-competitive world.

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What is The Greatness Factory For Kids?

At The Greatness Factory For Kids, students of all personality types and from all socioeconomic backgrounds learn how to discover their own unique talents and, more importantly, to share them with the world in a confident and bold fashion. Only by doing this will these students stand out in the hyper-connected, uber-competitive world they live in.

Examples of coursework include instruction in crucial life skills like: confidence, “bounce back” or resiliency, finding your calling, teamwork, and habits of effectiveness, to name just a few. We teach children how to “win” in life!

The 4 pillars of The Greatness Factory For Kids


Daily exercising and skill development for each child’s core physical functions.


Daily growth of knowledge of various areas to be successful in a competitive world.


Daily growth on relationships, emotional intelligence, how to handle rejection and disappointment in life, and how to be interdependent in effective partnerships.


Daily spiritual growth to build deep roots, a strong conscience, and an ability to make faith based decisions.

Lessons Include How to:

  • Attack a day
  • Overcome rejection
  • Interact with strangers or others
  • Find your talent
  • Solve complex problems
  • Open a conversation
  • Sell yourself
  • Build networks
  • Close someone in sales
  • Speak in front of an audience
  • Build, maintain, and protect your confidence
  • Overcome objection
  • Make tough decisions

  • Lead a group

  • Generate money and grow money

  • Invest money

  • Build an empire

  • Combine your faith with your work

  • Disciple and minister to others

  • Follow up appropriately

  • Maximize opportunities

  • Generate leads

  • Work well with others

  • Handle difficult people

  • Overcome heartbreak
  • Feed your spirit
  • Calculate and take risk
  • Extract referrals
  • Build status
  • Overcome being an introvert
  • Connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Snap out of a bad attitude
  • See and seize opportunity
  • Cultivate resilience
  • Fight through adversity

The Bottom Line

We all want our children to be highly functional in today’s ultra-competitive world and fully-equipped with the knowledge, skills, desire, and confidence needed to be successful both personally and professionally. Providing that is an essential role of every parent. Coach Burt has priced his program in a very affordable and aggressive fashion that makes it reachable for every family.

So…are you ready to be great?

The Greatness Factory For Kids is the antidote to a world devoid of confidence training for young people. Join The Greatness Factory For Kids today!