Who is the Founder?

As a championship high school basketball coach, Micheal Burt spent nearly a decade engineering winners “from the inside out.” Burt’s program of personal development was so successful, in fact, that many observers of his program began calling it “The Greatness Factory” due to the number of “quality kids” (both on and off the floor) that it consistently produced.

Burt later launched a new career as a “performance coach” for businesses, organizations, and executives around the world. Since that time, he has published 10 books, become a highly sought-after motivational speaker himself, and provided inspiration to untold numbers of adults to finally reach their potential and to become “people of interest” to everyone around them.

Why is the Greatness Factory For Kids needed for children?

Even with his great success as an author and motivational speaker, Burt’s conscience kept reminding him of his strong desire to continue impacting the lives of young people. He believes today’s schools are not prepared to deal meaningfully with issues that have less to do with IQ and more to do with emotional intelligence, grit, confidence, belief in one’s self, values, a spiritual compass, and the entrepreneurial instincts and skills required to think fast, take decisive action in today’s competitive world, and to be successful both personally and professionally! This is how America’s children are truly being “left behind.”

What is The Greatness Factory For Kids?

At The Greatness Factory For Kids, students of all personality types and from all socioeconomic backgrounds learn how to discover their own unique talents and, more importantly, to share them with the world in a confident and bold fashion. Only by doing this will these students stand out in the hyper-connected, uber-competitive world they live in.

This is the place where greatness is manufactured in each and every child through speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars. The Greatness Factory For Kids is perfectly designed for students and parents to come together and also where teachers and leaders collaborate and engage in professional development learning opportunities. Examples of coursework include instruction in crucial life skills like: confidence, “bounce back” or resiliency, finding your calling, teamwork, and habits of effectiveness, to name just a few. We teach children how to “win” in life!

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