“The Greatness Factory for Kids” provides an online platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device 24 hours a day! It’s that EASY! The teacher, student, or parent can be trained and coached on a series of crucial lessons as part of their emotional maturity process that students are not currently learning either in their homes or their schools.

This platform is equipped with a downloadable workbook for the teacher, student, and parent to navigate through rich content and interactive lessons that are continuously evolving and growing to meet the needs of students, parents, teachers, schools, and entire school districts around the world.

“The Greatness Factory For Kids” program is unique and differs from other educational supplementary products because it tackles key ingredients for long term resilience, confidence, and success.

Our team at The Greatness Factory For Kids is continuously researching why students experience failure. We believe that our focus on the “whole child” is why so many are experiencing and sharing their success stories.¬† Let us future-proof your students from failing later in life!

Is funding a concern for your school or program?

There is no need to sell candy, cookie dough, or smart cards anymore! Your students will have an incredible opportunity to raise funds for a program that fuels them for success! Imagine the community  participation you will have when they hear your students explaining the lifelong benefits and emotional toughness they will gain from this program. Even better, with our fundraising strategy, your school or program will get a percentage of the proceeds back! We will even send out a huge thank to those that helped your school reach your goals. Please contact us below so we can explain how we can GIVE BACK to your school! 

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