School Licensing

One of the facets of what made Coach Burt one of the top young educators of kids while being a championship basketball coach was his ability to “future proof” kids from failing by instilling in them core success principles. He taught them habits of success, how to bounce back from failure, how to lead a group, how to overcome adversity, and how to win both personally and interpersonally. Many of these facets are missing from today’s educational system with a keen emphasis on subject matter but not emotional intelligence.

Any group, school, day care, or any other organization that works with children can “license” The Greatness Factory for Kids so all, or a portion of their people can purchase the content for as many of the students as necessary. The online virtual training academy is equipped with weekly and monthly lessons for the teachers and students to watch together and a workbook that accompanies the lessons to work through. In an ideal environment the instructor will either watch the content before hand or with the students and then work through that content daily, weekly, and monthly with the students.

This content can be used to differentiate your organization from other organizations that simply teach just content but not the sufficient life skills a student needs to be successful later in life.

Licensing fees include:

  • Log in information for each participant
  • A downloadable workbook (or hard copy work book can be purchased)
  • Tech support should you need it
  • Access to visit with Coach Burt on the content
  • The potential for Coach Burt to train your staff in person or online to prepare them

Licensing fees are:

  • 1-250 students: $99 per user for a one year subscription
  • 251-500 students: $89 per user for a one year subscription
  • 500-1,000 students: $79 per user for a one year subscription
  • 1001+ students: $69 per user for a one year subscription

These fees cover ONE year of the online platform and must be renewed annually

To discuss Coach Burt speaking at your school to kick off this unique education program please emailĀ to discuss date, schedule, andĀ potential speaking fees.

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